About us

Grama Vikas(GV) is rural development organisation operating in Mulbagal, Bangarpet and Kolar Taluks of Kolar District and in Raichur taluk of Raichur district in the southeren Indian State of Karnataka. Its goal is integrated rural development of poor and highly marginalised communities (Socially, economically and politically), mainly children, women and dalits.

Instituted in 1979-1980, GV's initial intervention was in child development through a nutrition programme and Socio Economic Development Programme of the communities till 2002 with the support of the Novib of The Netherlands. In 1982, GV incorporated women's development with the support of Oxform Australia (earlier known as Community Aid Aborad) till 1997. As much as 75% of the target population in GV project area belongs to dalit and marginalised communities. Dalit women form 75% of GV Target Group.

SDC-IC had supported Grama Vikas for 9 years in a 6 villages to enhance land productivity.

Presently, GV is implementing a CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMME in 50 villages in Mulbagal, Kolar and Bangarpet taluks in Kolar district with the support of ChildFund International (earlier know as Christian Children's Fund)

Also implementing Grama Panchayat Organisational Development (GPOD) in one Grama Panchayat(G)) called O.Mittur GP in Mulbagal taluk in Kolar district. Funding support for this project is from an Organisation called Arghyam which is based in Bangalore.

Staff size is 15 in which 6 are mens and 9 are womens

Women held key positions in the organisation like Administrator and Financial Co-ordinator, Projet Manager and Accountant.

GV firmly believes that the battle against poverty can be successfully fought only when people learn to work together and think and plan their own development through collective action.

GV is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. It has a Governing Board comprising eminent administrators and experts.

GV is registered with Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi and sought FCRA number 094570024.

GV is registered with Income Tax department and got 12-A exemption as well.

Also, got 80G Exemption / PAN No. AAATG1786D / TIN No. BLRG00716C.