Guiding principles

Key Objectives

Long Term

  • Sustainable development of highly marginalised rural communities, through their active participation in social development, advocacy and poverty alleviation efforts.

Short Term

  • Income generation for basic needs, food security and assets creation.
  • Revival / Development and management of natural resources for the benefit of the target group.
  • Capacity building of target groups for their active involvement, participation and management of grassroots level democratic institutions such as village development councils, children's federations at taluk and district level.
  • Networking with likeminded NGO's on common issues for wider impact.
  • Participating in State level networks such as FEVOURD-K.
  • Facilitating Citizens Forums and their federation for rights-based advocacy.
  • Capacity building Grama Panchyats as good governance organisations.


  • Fundamental to GV Development Policy is the high incidence of rural poverty in the villages of Kolar and Raichur Districts, and the need to address poverty through concerted development interventions.
  • Children and families are the focal point around which GV policies are formulated. Protecting Child Rights and strengthening families food security are the twin apporaches.
  • GV believes that development interventions should have an integrated approach for impact. With that conceptual understanding, over the last three decades GV approached Child Development through nutrition and education; Gender Justice through Women's Economic Development and Empowerment; and Environmental Protection and Regeneration through effective Natural Resource Management.
  • GV organisational policies are inherently facilitative, imbibing values of democracy, transparency and accountability at all levels of functioning. Its values and strategies are aimed at the promotion of a conducive administrative work environment and the growth of self managed and participatory grassroots institutions of the people.
  • GV believes that until and unless local governments are strengthened sustainable development of the rural communities is a very distinct dream. With this conceptual understanding, GV builds the capacities of Grama Panchayats (GPs) to reach the fruits of development programmes to rural communities.
Ojectives Strategies
Child development Food & Nutrition programmes for children as entrypoint into villages.
Gender justice Forming womens groups and initiating savings & credit programmes.
Economic development of families
Income generation activities through savings and credit within groups, as other credit sources, donor funding and government programmes.
Protecting environment Rejuvenation of tanks, biomass development, soil and water conservation, farm ponds and promotion of organic farming.
Infludencing public policy in favour of the poor
Advocacy with public policy makers, the government, other agencies and the media.
Gram panchyat organisation development
Capacity building of GP's and Citizens forum.